This week marked the start of Vet Hour on Twitter, where those from the profession who are on Twitter can participate in an hour’s conversation live on the social media platform.

This week’s session was about mental health in the veterinary profession; how can we support those with mental health issues and what can support mental health in veterinary workplaces.

One of the questions was, “How can we overcome the barriers to veterinary professionals seeking and receiving help?”   It was both an empowering and poignant question for me personally as I’ve had to ask for help a few times in my life and career.

Sometimes that’s been during the wobbly moments – when experiencing panic attacks, anxiety and depression almost 20 years ago when doing my veterinary finals.

Sometimes it’s been when I’ve had to recognise that I am not, in fact, Superwoman and I can’t do it all by myself.   😉


Over the years I’ve asked for help from:

Counsellors and therapists to maintain or repair my mental health

Coaches or mentors to help me bust through my comfort zone and grow

• Getting an accountant when I went self-employed

• A nutritionist to help me get over a health issue

• Friends, family members or other investors to source financing

• Recently I’ve had to get over my inner control freak and explore the possibility of getting a PA….


I know the risk that comes with asking for help – that yes, sometimes the help isn’t the right type or person and doesn’t get you any further forward which is disheartening and demoralising.

I’ve also experienced getting exactly the right type of help at the right time which has then dramatically improved and changed the course of my life for the better in ways I never thought possible!

I’ve also experienced not asking for help when I’ve needed it and had my wheels fall off as a result a couple of times too – not nice!

So… I feel like somewhat of a zen-master now at asking for help. 🙂

In this video I share my mindset techniques for recognising and responding to a realisation that you might need to ask for help with an area of your life.