If you have kids, then maybe like me you have been doing a shedload of crafting this week if you’ve been at home.

🤪 Wine o’clock seems to have crept a little earlier in our household too…

In yesterday’s Facebook Live, I shared a useful technique you can self-coach with.

It’s good to use when you thought you were dealing with all this ok and had found your equilibrium, but then it slips a bit.

  • Maybe it’s a new piece of news.    
  • Maybe it’s finding out you’re looking at another 3 weeks of lockdown in your country.   
  • Maybe your head went there with, “what if the kids don’t go back to school until September?”
  • Maybe it’s a wobbly moment about your finances, career or health.

We can get those lift-drop moments where suddenly you’re not as certain that you are as ok and coping as well as you perhaps thought.

Self-doubt and comparisonitis can kick in with a vengeance at those times, and we are all going to have those times, even if just fleetingly.

I know that our cognitive brain knows that those feelings will pass, however it’s good to have a few mindset hacks up your sleeve for dissipating those uncomfortable feelings and recovering your equilibrium again, that don’t involve reaching for the G&T….  😉

Try this technique today to help you remember the internal resources you already have and that are there for you to access again now, as and when you need them.

Sometimes we just need a loving reminder….

For anyone looking for additional resources and support at this time, you can find out more on my CV Support page and Work With Me page.

Wishing you health and resilience.