You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks. As I mentioned in my recent VLOG, I’ve reached the end of Vet Harmony’s first year and am ready to take it to the next level.

As always when you need to make changes or grow or step into your power, then your old negative limiting beliefs and thought patterns can keep you completely stuck if you let them so I’ve recruited a fantastic new high-level mentor to support me with this growth.

I’ve been busy getting started with her over these last three weeks and my gosh I’ve been reminded of how much hard (but good!) work it is doing the kind of deep thinking needed to create amazing changes….

She’s been taking me back to basics, re-visiting my core personal values and what drives me which I did ten years ago but quite a lot has changed since then!

She’s also been helping me to tap back into my intuition and ordered me to build more fun, play and rest into my weeks as it’s easy to get exhausted and overwhelmed as a working parent as I’m sure many of you can testify to!

It’s been a timely reminder that exhaustion and overwhelm are actually choices we make.

If you’re frowning and disagreeing, let me explain….

They are inadvertent choices we make by the way we have our lives set up, the choices we made sometimes years previously about what career to go into, what practice to work in, whether to have children etc.

We don’t of course know at the time we made the original choice that exhaustion and overwhelm might be the outcome, but when we notice that this is what we are experiencing then the first step to resolving it is taking accountability for our choices, with self-compassion and love.

If we don’t take responsibility we fall into victim-mode, feeling powerless to change anything, trapped and resentful.


Taking accountability is a bloody hard thing to do, but it’s utterly empowering as then you realise you have choices and options about what to do next, and you can – if you so wish – start to make different choices that can gradually resolve or reduce the overwhelm.

This isn’t easy however which is why having help and support is vital in this process.

For me, any overwhelm I feel is the result of the choices my husband and I made to launch two new businesses at the same time while raising a toddler. For you it may be the choice to be a clinical vet and work in a practice that doesn’t have tea or lunch breaks, is poorly managed and where you are working 4 or 5 ten-hour days a week, plus nights and weekends, leaving you depleted and unable to have or enjoy a life outside work.

Taking that first important and challenging step of realising this is a choice you have made is massive.

So what are your options now…?

First big question to ask yourself – is what you are currently doing in alignment with your deepest personal values and moving you towards the life you want to be living when you are the best and happiest version of you? When you are at work doing your thing, do you light up on the inside and feel inspired much of the time?

For me, that’s a big fat YES, so it then becomes about how to re-arrange the way I’m working to free up more time for fun, rest and play so I can get and stay inspired and joyful while I’m doing my important work.

If that’s a big fat NO, then you need to start doing some thinking and make some changes.

Thinking in this way and being brave enough to explore options and make changes means having the right mindset. Obviously you need a strong strategy and plan, HOWEVER…

Mindset wins over strategy every day of the week!

Therefore, I am super-excited to be distilling all the best nuggets from my new mindset mentor over the coming weeks, translating them into what they mean in the veterinary profession adding some Vet Harmony magic and passing them over to you in my amazing community. 🙂

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I know that making the decision to invest in yourself and take that step can be a huge one, and having some reassurance you are making the right choice is paramount. So let me allow some of my amazing clients to tell you about their experiences of working with me in their own words.

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Jenny. x