Dr Jeni Waeltz (and kittens!)

I always appreciate evaluation, and especially LOVE fabulous feedback, such as this lovely testimonial from Jeni Waeltz…





What initially triggered you to reach out for coaching

I reached out for coaching because I felt stuck in my work situation. I had just taken a job that I thought I would love, but realised that it wasn’t the right fit. I didn’t want to admit the mistake and quit right away and I looked into coaching to help provide me the clarity and tools I needed to make sense of the new career move for me.

How was that situation making you feel

I felt frustrated and disappointed in myself and was really concerned about how others would see this perceived failure vs. just admitting I made a mistake taking on the position.

What made you choose Vet Harmony to work with

I knew working with a Coach was going to be a financial investment and it is always a little scary investing in yourself that way. I choose to work with Vet Harmony and Jenny because her style was different and her approach was very hands on. She takes you on a journey to better get to know yourself and I loved her insight, even on our discovery call!

What did you particularly like or find useful about Jenny’s approach

Jenny was amazing. I loved the style of coursework and worksheets between sessions as well as the intuitively listening and coaching she provides during sessions.

What are the results you have achieved

Jenny’s coaching gave me the courage to leave my job I wasn’t satisfied in and start my own business. She helped me overcome the fears that were leaving me playing small and defeated. She is great at lifting you up and helping you see what is possible.

Choose three words

Fun, enlightening, encouraging.

Would you recommend working with Jenny to others and if so, who

Any vet that is struggling with feeling stuck in their career and not knowing the next direction for themselves.

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