Veterinary Career Mastery

How to work out your career and life direction, whether you plan to stay clinical, diversify or haven’t a clue where to start!

This course is for veterinary professionals who want to learn how to get clarity on their career pathway using their own unique super-powers and ditching the self-doubt gremlin forever!

Your Vet Passport, Your Way. 

Veterinary Career Mastery is an online group coaching program with Jenny Guyat from Vet Harmony for veterinary professionals who want to learn how to create the life they want using their vet qualification in the right way for them, whether clinical, non-clinical and everything in between.


Do any of these sound like you…

Are you struggling to achieve life balance and work, or worrying about work is taking over?

Are you experiencing self-doubt, anxiety, fear of making mistakes or any confidence issues?

Are you currently lacking a clear direction, maybe you know what you DON’T want but aren’t sure how to research alternatives and know what the best option for you would be?

Maybe you fit into one of these categories…

✴️    I’m currently dissatisfied with vetting, not sure whether to remain clinical, and not sure whether the problem is me or where I’m working and haven’t a clue how to work this all out.

✴️     I’m generally pretty happy vetting, but am not clear on what direction it’s going in and what my purpose is and I’d like a better life balance.

✴️     I do have some ideas about what I might like to do, but lack confidence, self-belief or know-how on taking these forwards


If so, that’s great, I’ve got you covered!

How it works…

During the course, which is launching on 28th September 2020 and then will be running permanently, we cover the 10 Commandments of Veterinary Career Mastery using my powerful 6-step framework.   The framework is divided into two essential career growth phases, the Research Phase and the Mindset Phase.

Each phase contains three modules that build on each other to take you through that decision-making crossroads and into clarity, direction and balance.

You can work through the modules at your own speed without worrying if you’ll fall behind or not finish because you have lifetime access to the module materials and training videos – RESULT!

The Veterinary Career Mastery course comes with 4 months free access to my powerful monthly coaching membership, The Crossroads.   This includes weekly live group coaching sessions with Jenny Guyat on Zoom to attend as and when needed as you work through the modules.  You can submit your question beforehand and catch the replay if you cannot attend a particular live session.

The live Q&A sessions were extremely useful! Being able to access individual advice was invaluable.


I enjoyed the live Q&A’s and was surprised to get a lot from other people’s questions as well as my own.


There is also support from myself and the other course participants in our private Facebook Group.

Your investment…

One of the fab things about group coaching programs is that it brings the cost of coaching down from one-to-one level to a much more affordable price!

The amazing value delivered on this course is £1525.00 but you can grab a spot now for £497.00.   For the cost of 2 or 3 locum shifts, you could be making major positive shifts in your life and career over the next four months!





🌟     Module training videos

🌟     Powerful exercises

🌟     Live coaching calls

🌟     Private Facebook Group

🌟    14 day refund policy





🌟     Module training videos

🌟     Powerful exercises

🌟     Live coaching calls

🌟     Private Facebook Group

🌟    14 day refund policy

I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who feels unfulfilled or unhappy in their job role.  It is also a really good course for general ‘life management’ even if you’re happy with your job.  The skills I have learned and continue to work on have really helped me become a better person for me and my family. 


The best bit about Jenny’s coaching is that she is very engaging and relatable. She shares enough personal stuff to enable you to trust her authenticity but still is highly professional and very obviously knows her stuff. She’s passionate about her subject and that shines through in her coaching.



How much time do I need to spend on the course… 

If you were to complete the course over 12-14 weeks, you’d need to spend about 1 – 2 hrs per week on the course.  As you have lifetime access though, you can work through the modules at your own pace.


What do the modules involve…

Each module has one or more written exercises to do and a training video or two to watch.  Any questions or individual support needed can then be found during the live Q&A sessions.


What if I can’t make one of the live Q&A sessions…

All sessions will be recorded and available on replay.


I’m not on social media, do I have to be in the Facebook Group…

It’s not an essential requirement as all the module materials and call recordings will be available separately.  However, it’s a great private safe space for us to connect with each other and I’ll be sharing prompts each week to support your journey through the course so worth joining if you can.


Do you offer refunds…

If you change your mind within the first 14 days after signing up, you can receive a refund, after that time refunds are no longer available and if paying by payment plan, all instalments will be payable even if you decide not to finish the course.


I have a question that’s not listed here, how can I find out more…

If I’ve not answered your question above and you’re not sure if this course is a good fit, email me on and I can help!