In this video we’re tackling the twin gremlins of comparison and perfectionism!

Have you ever:

• Been feeling fine until you see something on social media or hear something in a conversation that makes you somehow feel diminished or ‘less than’ in comparison?

• Found that procrastination or anxiety stop you from ever actually getting started with something that you want to achieve?

• Realised you’re missing out on truly gaining the benefits of a goal because the fear of not achieving it all brilliantly takes away your enjoyment of it?

• Struggled to give yourself praise or recognition for some of your smaller victories, or told yourself they don’t ‘count’ because there’s always someone you know who could have done it better?

In this video, I’m going to show you how comparing yourself to others is a futile exercise as no one else on this earth can be brilliantly and uniquely ‘you’ like you can…

I’m going to encourage you to work towards taking off the shield of perfectionism. We hold it up and hide behind it, thinking it will protect us when in fact it’s like a 20-tonne shield weighing us down and stopping us from actually bring brave enough to be seen for who we really are.

Here’s to finding and gradually unleashing the awesome that is buried in each and every one of us!!