Well done for making it through what has been a super-challenging start to the year for many of us. I hope you’ve been able to get out in nature at some point as I know that’s been keeping me sane recently.

I reached out on the VSGD Facebook page last week to ask what people were struggling with or would most appreciate some support with and here are the results.

By far and away the biggest challenge was tiredness, exhaustion and burnout which is not that surprising as we are now approaching our 7th week in Lockdown 3.0 in the UK currently.

Over the last few days in response to this feedback, I have put together a series of short videos as a free mini-course collating the simplest and easiest to implement tools and techniques that have helped me over the years when I’ve needed to combat exhaustion.

Having experienced 3 years of chronic fatigue syndrome that had me pretty much bed-ridden in my late teens, and then experiencing burnout during my time in clinical practice, I have learned just how important it is to spot the signs of chronic tiredness heading in the wrong direction and how to pull back from it.

None of the things are rocket science, you probably know most of them anyway, but sometimes we just need a loving reminder to do the things we know we need to do, and confirmation that they are the best things to try!

Hopefully plus a few tweaks and new bits that will motivate you.  You can access the course for free here and please forward this to anyone you think might need some help with tiredness right now, whether veterinary or not!

Going back to my VSGD poll results, apart from tiredness and wishing for a holiday, the next two biggest areas people were looking for support with were self-belief and working out what you want career-wise.

I want to share with you the results of the first month post-launch of my new monthly membership The Crossroads as it’s such a good fit for both of those areas.

Super-affordable too, in comparison to online courses or one-to-one coaching so it might just be the perfect fit for some of you lovely people in my awesome community!

The membership has three elements to it:
  • Mindset support with monthly mindset masterclasses from me.
  • Monthly goal setting and planning support.
  • Weekly live Q&A group coaching sessions with me where you can ask anything


The live Q&A sessions are a lovely place to come together in a small group, access coaching support from me and also tap into the shared wisdom within the group. Questions we’ve worked through over the last few weeks have included:
“How do I stay motivated during the Groundhog Day nature of lockdown?”

“How can I get better at setting boundaries so I can leave work on time?”

“I’ve got an idea for a side hustle but don’t know where to start with websites, marketing etc?”

Live feedback on a member’s 90-day plan for their main current focus areas

“I’ve got a new job opportunity but I’m really struggling with fear of failure and impostor syndrome?”

The mindset masterclasses are building up into a useful library of mindset wizardry that you can dip into for as long as you’re in the membership.  The January session was on boundary setting, and this month’s topic is dealing with perfectionism to give you an example of the sort of things I will be covering.
At the start of each quarter, I’ll be getting you to map out a 90-day plan and then we’ll check in each month to see how you’re progressing and you can bring any stumbling blocks or challenges to the live Q&A sessions.
Mindset + Strategy + Support is my magic formula for keeping you motivated and having forward momentum, especially right now with what’s going on in the world!

The membership is currently at the founder’s rate of only £27/month while I’m building up the resources and anyone signing up at this rate then locks in that rate for as long as you stay in the membership.  So when the price goes up for new members from the end of March, founders will keep their low rate locked in.

There are no contracts to sign, so you can try it for a month and leave whenever you want.

I’m really enjoying running it, and would love to extend the support out to more people so do check it out and see if it might be just what you need right now!

Right, that’s it from me this weekend – I’m off to organise some surprises for Valentine’s Day for Kyle, as we’ve been like ships passing in the night through lockdown, only stopping to swap childcare or work instructions and not much else!!

If you’re looking for a deeper transformation right now, I do have a couple of one-to-one slots available again which you can find out more about here